About Flash Roundup

Flash Roundup is:

  • A weekly newsletter
  • With new releases from the previous week
  • It includes journals with at least two flash fiction or creative nonfiction stories and/or select publications with daily or weekly releases
  • Only from digital outlets that are available to read free online

Flash Roundup isn’t:

  • Always comprehensive. There are so. many. new releases, and undoubtedly we miss good work in the endless landscape of publications.
  • For poetry or longer short fiction. Though we love both, it just isn’t what’s featured here.
  • Completely vetted. Some of the full publications with new releases have tons of stories, and we haven’t been able to read them all. Please use the same caution you would when clicking on anything on the web.

Flash Roundup is curated by Kristina T. Saccone
Contact us: editor@flashroundup.com

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